Package References

This book only came together due to the amazing open source work so many have done in the R community. The list of packages utilized to create this book can be found in the reference section and are as follows: R (R Core Team 2016), bindrcpp (Müller 2017), bookdown (Xie 2017a), coda (Plummer et al. 2016), dplyr (Wickham et al. 2017), ggplot2 (Wickham and Chang 2016), kableExtra (Zhu 2017), knitr (Xie 2017b), lsa (Wild 2015), MASS (Ripley 2017), MCMCpack (Martin et al. 2017), purr (Henry and Wickham 2017), Rcpp (Eddelbuettel et al. 2017), readr (Wickham, Hester, and Francois 2017), SnowballC (Bouchet-Valat 2014), tibble (Müller and Wickham 2017), tidyr (Wickham and Henry 2017), tidyverse (Wickham 2017).